Gluten-Free Awareness Month – Enjoy a Beer!

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November is Gluten-free Diet Awareness Month, a time dedicated to bringing attention to those required to reduce or completely cut out gluten from their diet. Beer is typically made from malted barley or wheat, and can contain varying degrees of gluten. Because of this, it’s not always easy to find a San Diego spot to grab a gluten-free beer. We’ve rounded up some joints serving gluten-reduced or free brews to enjoy!  In San Diego’s iconic Gaslamp District, barleymash is a restaurant and bar named specifically for a grain (barley) used in the process of brewing beer. barleymash offers a gluten-free bottle – The Omission Lager, a bright and crisp beer brewed in the traditional lager style, comes from Omission Brewing Co. where the brew master’s mission was to develop craft beer for people who want/need to avoid gluten. Sandbar Sports Bar & Grill, located steps from the boardwalk in the heart of Mission Beach,offers Duck Foot The Contender – a gluten-free option brewed from Duck Foot Brewing! Having discovered a way to make beer with a natural enzyme that removes gluten from their beer, the owner and his wife relocated to Encinitas to establish their brewery. Grab one of these beers and a seat on the Sky Deck to take in a beautiful San Diego sunset during the month of November.  No matter whether you live near Liberty Station, or closer to Pacific Beach, you can find gluten-free beers at either of Fig Tree Cafe’s locations.  From the tap in PB, you can sip on a Stella Artois gluten-free cider, while also ordering the Gluten Free Portobello Sandwich, made with gluten-free bread crumb crusted Portobello mushroom, wild arugula, goat and jack cheese and a balsamic glaze. The Fig Tree Café at Liberty Station serves Bard’s Malt Beer Utica, also gluten-free, which has a rich and sweet smell, and finishes with a smooth taste. Another San Diego favorite where you can try a different Duck Foot Brewing beer is The Haven Pizzeria, located in the quaint Kensington neighborhood. As Duck Foot believes craft beer should be accessible to all, no matter what dietary restrictions apply, they’ve created the Cali Honey. With notes of floral and honey, the Cali Honey is a simple and refreshing beer. As the Haven also works to make their food fully available to all customers, any basic or Haven creation pizza can be made on a gluten-free crust.   Barrel Republic, with three locations found in Pacific Beach, Oceanside and Carlsbad, is a San Diego mecca for craft beer lovers. At both the Pacific Beach and Oceanside spots, those in search of gluten-free beer tastings are in luck with an option from Alpine Beer Company. The company began using an enzyme during the brewing process, creating a breakthrough and ultimately significantly gluten-reduced beers, including the Nelson, a golden rye IPA. Keep your eyes peeled as we mentioned the beers on tap are always rotating, so you never know when a new gluten-free brew could be available. 

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