Oysters + Sake | BeSchock Monthly Sake Tasting

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How often do you get the opportunity to experience a sake tasting with a certified sake master? East Village’s trendy new eatery BeShock Ramen & Sake Bar hosts monthly sake tasting event, led by co-founder and sake sensei Ayaka Ito. In addition BeShock’s extensive menu of authentic Japanese cuisine including ramen, sushi, salads, rolls, and bowls, BeShock is also home to a full bar with more than 30 varieties of sake, as well as rare selections that can be sampled in sake flights or sipped by the glass. Whether you’re an aspiring sake aficionado or have no idea what sake is, the Sake Master can lead you through the tasting with everything on hand from traditional sake to Asian-infused margaritas. November’s Sake Tasting Event was held on Wednesday, November 1st with four different types of oysters alongside four exclusive sake offerings, including seasonal hiyaoroshi sake. For only $30 per person, event guests had access to pairings of specialty sake and savory oysters to be enjoyed raw, fried, and smoked, as well as a unique and unforgettable sake tasting experience with San Diego’s only certified sake master!  Blue point oyster was paired with with Kirinzan – tasting notes: citrusy aroma and hint of bitterness like lemon or lime peel  Fanny bay oyster was paired with Masumi Hiyaoroshi – tasting notes: soft acidity from natural lactic acid, very round up and mild flavorParadise oyster was paired with seven spearsman Hiyaoroshi – tasting notes: very earthy and full bodied style of sake, has hint of banana aromaFried oyster was paired with Ichinokura – tasting notes: mellow and smooth, mineral flavor and hint of sweetness from freshly cooked rice One of the most interested sakes presented was Hiyaoroshi – a seasonal sake that is released between Sep~Nov. They only go through the first heating process before storing. It is aged for 6-8 months before being bottled. Hiyaoroshi is mild and full flavored compare to “fresh” sake. 

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