Warm up with hot cocktails

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The holidays for San Diegans are always a bag of mixed feelings; on the one hand, colorful leaves and a little nip in the air sounds great. On the other, we’d freeze to death if it dropped below 60°. So, to put you in the spirit (or spirits), we’ve compiled a list of places with some of the hottest drinks in San Diego so you can brace yourself for that frightful weather outside. At Bracero Cocina de Raiz, you can always expect to get a kick out of your drinks. Their Passion of the Cristo is made with St. George Chili Vodka mixed with Campari, fresh passion fruit and lime, and topped off with some sea salt.  If you find yourself in Pacific Beach, head over to Pacific Beach Alehouse and try their Spicy Pear. Made with Grey Goose Poire, crushed elderflowers and Serrano peppers, this drink can bring the heat. After your sinuses clear, head to their rooftop bar to breathe in that sweet, salty air and watch the sunset over the water. Head to Tavern and try their El Choncho. With a generous amount of Espolón Reposado Tequila, agave, pineapple chunks, a splash of lime, and, most importantly, jalapeño slices, this drink is sure to give you that that warm, fuzzy feeling.  If you want something less hot but equally as delicious, head to True North Tavern. Made with Kettle One Vodka, Lillet Blanc aromatized wine, lime, mint and cracked peppers, The North Parker won’t make you feel as if you’re breathing fire.   Fire and ice combine their power at Del Sur Mexican Cantina in South Park. The Beer Pops are spicy popsicles made to melt in your beer. Try a Michelada with a sizzling tajin rim and a Sangrita popsicle made with tomato juice, citrus and chile to dunk in your michelada.    

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