Common Theory Introduces New Chef & New Menu

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Common Theory Public House, an innovative craft beer-centric hotspot in Convoy, has revamped its menu completely to boast new and creative dishes. Already a mecca for craft beer, the rotating taps features around 30 beers hand selected to appeal to all types of beer lovers.  For food, a mix of Korean, Chinese, and Mexican influences highlight upscale American pub classics. The new menu has brought a new level of innovation to the category of pub fare with updated versions of comfort food along with truly innovative, chef-driven dishes.   Some eye-catching highlights of the new menu include the Beet & Watermelon Poke, prepared with salt roasted beets, roasted watermelon, flax seed oil, sea beans, onion, cucumber, nori and sesame oil, served with taro chips. This is by far one of the most surprising dishes I’ve had in San Diego, with dehydrated watermelon and beets giving the same texture as traditional poke while the nori gives a sea-inspired taste.   A new addition to the burger menu is the Chef’s Burger, a carefully crafted burger containing a ground chuck burger, crab cake, cheddar cheese, hollandaise, arugula and a fried egg. Burgers have always been popular on the Common Theory menu, but the Chef’s burger takes after his east coast background with a delicious crab cake adding a new twist on a classic.   Duck Fries, a long time favorite on the menu, has been expanded with two additional options. The Double Duck Fries is crafted from fresh shoe string fries, shredded duck confit, crispy duck skin, and scallions. Feeling crazy? Order the Flock of Duck Fries which includes all that, plus duck gravy and fried duck egg.  And for the unexpected highlight of the new menu – the best brussel sprouts in San Diego! Although brussels might have passed their peak as a San Digeo food trend, the Bacon & Blue Brussels at Common Theory is hands down the best brussel sprout dish in town. With chopped bacon for saltiness, granny smith apple for tart and sweet, lemon for freshness, blue cheese for depth, and thyme to meld the flavors flawlessly, this is the way brussel sprouts get to heaven. As a “sharable side,” these do come as a good sized portion…. but you still might not want to share!  Another fantastic sharable side is the charred corn succotash, with sweet white corn, red pepper, old bay, onion, garlic, and parsley. The vibrant flavors are a great accompaniment to any meal!   While not new on the menu, don’t miss the classic favorite – Salt & Pepper Crispy Chicken Wings. The wings will remind you that you are, in fact, dining on Convoy St. They are influenced by the owner’s Chinese family who came in to show the kitchen how to prepare the well-loved dish.  

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