Barleymash Announces VIP Liquor Lockers

By October 6, 2016 No Comments

Gaslamp’s barleymash now providing VIPs with a locker for their own personal bottle collection.  at, barleymash, in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter is known for alcohol-infused dishes and celebrating the richness of American culture. What better way to remind guests to have a good time and enjoy a cocktail (or two!) than beautifully displayed liquor bottles? In the back of the restaurant, barleymash now houses the “Banco” and a locker liquor cabinet that exhibits the liquor from some of their most dedicated patrons.  Some of the fun names (which are displayed on gold plaques to the right of the cabinet) include: Pinhead, Bubbles, Sir Tuttle, K. Sweeny and Uncle Hector. Who are these mysterious drinkers? Well, that’s for you to find out… head in to barleymash and ask about Sin Metu and Lem Motlow during your next visit. 
When VIPs with a liquor locker come in the restaurant, they can tell the cocktail server their name and give them the key to unlock their bottle. Anyone can rent a locker, but there are only a couple left. Each locker is $800 for a year plus the cost of any booze you decide to load it up with. The liquor is purchased at cost from barleymash. They have a concierge service to provide you with liquor recommendations you might enjoy.


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