10 Years of San Diego Fashion Week

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Art by Tyson King San Diego Fashion week celebrated their 10th anniversary, showcasing San Diegan fashion designers in a dazzling array. It was a luxurious evening filled with visually stimulating sights and sounds. We entered the elegant Andaz hotel just as the event kicked off, and were greeted by a fashionable backdrop to have your very own red carpet photo shoot. As we entered the main room, we could see the evening was going to be filled with eye-catching art, music, and, of course, food! First, we enjoyed delicious Tito’s vodka cocktails with lemonade and mint, and upon rounding the corner we saw the lovely art by Tyson Smith. His bold and colorful take on contemporary images was a perfect fit for the night of visual stimulation. To our surprise, we also were able to enjoy an amazing aerial acrobat show from Zoe Irvine. Gracefully tumbling, twisting, and turning, we watched as she moved with the greatest of ease, which was highlighted by flashing lights neon lights in sync with music. We took selfies by the wall of mirrors – a collage of framed mirrors  which reflected the fluttering colors and the bustle of people in the room. We got our false eyelashes done with Detour Salon, and a professional makeup artist made sure we looked on point. With the sights and sounds of people mingling, flashing neon lights, and music beats thick in the air, we bounced over to the food on display. To our surprise, it was a light, airy, premium dessert called “Healthy Frozen Cotton Candy.” They made a “Runway Bowl,” a healthy frozen treat with strawberry, coconut, and creamy vanilla. A really healthy alternative to heavy sugary snacks! We made our way down the stairs to the runway. Our host for the night was Heather Lake, who dazzled in a silver gown, while Allison Andrews, the founder of SD Fashion Week, impressed the crowd with her stunning one-shoulder red lace dress. Models gracefully paraded the works of Shane Bowden, Stefanie Bales, Tyson King, Robert Glick, and Christine Finkelson. The artistry of the designers was evident even in the touches of metallic silver in the hair and the uniquely modern makeup designs. A photo booth in the corner allowed spectators to get their moments of fun and fame with fabulous props like masks, hats, and fans.  With attention to details like these, San Diego Fashion Week set the stage for cutting edge couture and aptly kicked off their decade anniversary. 

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