Where to Spend "Singles Awareness Day" if You're Unattached

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It’s February once again, and the glory of the single life is suddenly called into question by the only day of the year dedicated to celebrating romance. For those of us who are on our own this year, does this mean we have to barricade ourselves in our apartments for an evening of waiting-it-out until the red rose and chocolate craze is over? Not this year. There are a multitude of opportunities in San Diego created specifically to suit singles. Check out this list of places to pour if you’re a party of one. Oh, and Cupid… You’re not invited.  There is no shame in stopping by Encontro North Park solo. Their diverse Draft List is all the company you’ll need. You may even catch yourself pining after Encontro’s Blonde Ale with White Peach. Or if American IPAs are more your type, get a taste of the Thorn Street Relay IPA from Thorn Street Brewery right here in San Diego. No need for a long distance relationship. If you want to try your hand at the pick-up game, Barrel Republic has the perfect wingman. Let live music from Shane Hall set the mood, starting at 9pm. Pour yourself as much as you want (or need) from their selection of craft beers, from tasters to pints. Pacific Beach Chocolate Haus will also be in attendance, offering selections of tempting chocolates to pair with your favorite beer. There is no reason to let being single deprive your sweet tooth. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t date pizza if they could? The New Yorker Pizzeria & Bar will be extra affectionate this Valentine’s Day – literally. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of the holiday, all-day happy hour will have you feeling oh-so loving towards their specially prepared heart-shaped pizzas.   Whether you are drowning in your sorrows or toasting to your independence, Backyard Kitchen & Tap offers the ideal space for partying your (own) pants off. Jump on the dance floor or post up at the bar with your favorite drink. Either way, you are sure to meet someone of equal relationship status to celebrate with. Pour your way to contentment at Pacific Beach Alehouse. You’ll be wishing you could take one of their House Made Craft Beers home for the night. No matter your beer preference, Red Ales, Stouts, and IPAs will all be calling your name. Union Kitchen & Tap in Encinitas has all the romance you could need. From flatbreads and red wine to brews and steaks, your lack-of a love life will be far from your mind.  Who says you need a partner to treat yourself to a scrumptious dinner? Buy yourself a drink at Pacific Beach Shore Club. Take a seat at the old-school Butcher Block bar, and enjoy the biggest, coldest schooner full of beer that the beach can offer. Don’t be afraid to let your eyes wander to the ocean view, either. No one is telling you what to do. Adventure to Sandbar Sports Grill, where you can watch the game without anyone trying to change the channel.  The Sky Bar is the perfect spot to let yourself relax while savoring a tasty appetizer and a frozen drink. Enjoy a famous San Diego sunset all by yourself, no pictures necessary. Love is in the air at Union Kitchen & Tap’s Dead Cupid Society, a gathering for the independently owned and operated. On Friday Feb 10th from 9pm-close enjoy $5 shots and $5 champagne.

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