Top Gluten-Free Dishes in San Diego

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Going gluten-free doesn’t mean giving up the foods you love, so go against the grain with these conscientious eateries and their mouthwatering menus around the city!  Looking for a celiac-friendly way to enjoy America’s favorite food? Woodstock’s Pizza has got you covered with their dedication to serving the gluten-free community. Try the hand-made vegan and gluten-free crusts made fresh each day, topped with premium whole-milk mozzarella, nitrate-free meats, and locally-sourced veggies. Check out the Grateful Veg, with sliced bell peppers, white onions, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, and black olives.  If you’ve got zero-grain on the brain, head up to The Village at Pacific Highlands Ranch to Fresh Brothers, a business based on fresh thinking that is branching into the San Diego area with their Carmel Valley location. Featuring a special section of their kitchen for gluten-free foods, delight in gluten-free pizza and salad options as well as Gluten-Free Buffalo Wings, baked and never friend with gluten-free hot, mild, sweet chili, BBQ, roasted garlic, and super-hot sauces, all zero trans fat and zero saturated fat for a health-conscious way to enjoy your favorite foods.  With a full gluten-free menu, Wood Ranch leaves no one out when it comes to finding a delicious dining experience. Try the Tri Tip Salad, made with mixed greens, gorgonzola crumbles, Tahitian tomato, and mint julep dressings all tossed with your choice of house-made gluten-free dressings including balsamic vinaigrette, ranch, blue cheese, tangy Italian, thousand island, and a low-calorie champagne vinaigrette.  Located in the charming and historic Kensington neighborhood, The Haven Pizzeria is a great spot for gluten-free pizza lovers. Get your pizza fix in a warm and inviting atmosphere, with local favorites including The Cortez, a gluten-free crust pizza packed with candied bacon, mozzarella, gorgonzola, and tomatoes with toppings of fresh arugula and avocado slices.  Miss B’s Coconut Club, found in the heart of Mission Beach, will help you steer clear of gluten while enjoying the taste of Caribbean-inspired American fare. You can order their scrumptious Seafood Ceviche appetizer made with shrimp, white fish, fresh citrus juices, red onion, serrano peppers, cilantro, mango and coconut milk, and served with plantain chips. Plenty of gourmet gluten-free options can be found on the menu at Farmers Bottega, located in the Hillcrest neighborhood. Tasty tomatoes, artichoke, eggplant, bell peppers and au jus create the gluten-free Portobello Napoleon. For an appetizer, you can even order their House Made Truffle Fries smothered in cilantro barbeque, caper romulade and chipotle aioli.  Fig Tree Café offers the option to make any of their signature French toasts with gluten-free cinnamon-raisin bread. Enjoy Berry Sweet French Toast, prepared with gluten-free cinnamon-raisin bread, house-made mixed berry jam, fresh berries and sweet cream cheese, or one of their many other options to get a much-needed sweets fix without the gluten.  Breakfast Republic caters to the benedict fanatics by offering gluten-free options for some of their most popular benedicts. Dig into Mushroom & Pesto Benedict, prepared with gluten-free multi-grain and topped with button and oyster mushrooms, red bell peppers, spinach, gluten-free hollandaise and pesto sauce.   Farmer’s Table offers farm-to-fork gluten-free options, boasting a list of inventive French toast items with the option to have them made with cinnamon and raisin gluten-free bread. Gluten-free foodies can indulge in Brioche French Toast, prepared with gluten-free bread and the option to add strawberries and cream. Looking for a gluten-free option in the heart of the Gaslamp? Whiskey Girl has just the recipe for you! Their crowd-favorite Atlantic Salmon features seasoned and pan-seared salmon, crispy red potatoes, and seasonal vegetables all complemented with their tangy citrus compound butter. A feel-good meal before taking on the town! 

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