Say Aloha to Pineapple Season

While available in Southern California year-round, sweet and tangy pineapples hit peak season now through July.     Pineapples are a fixture on the Islands menu, the company uses 182,000 per year across its 55 locations. That’s an average of almost 3,500 fresh pineapples per week! Island’s Chief Pineapple Officer, Amanda Cameron shares her tips on picking out a perfect pineapple: 

  • When looking for the perfect pineapple, you want to select one that is firm, not soft, with fresh green leaves in the crown.
  •  A simple test of ripeness is by plucking a leaf from the crown. If it comes right out it is ripe, but if it’s hard to pull it is likely not quite ready.
  • Another sign of ripeness is fragrant aroma. Don’t be afraid to smell the pineapple in the grocery store before putting it in your cart!


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