Miss B’s Coconut Club – Provocative Caribbean

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Tiki may be San Diego’s biggest cocktail trend, but Miss B’s is definitely not a flash in the pan. With a Caribbean-inspired menu and cocktails, cheerful ambiance, delightful service, affordable prices, and beach location, Miss B’s has all the right ingredients to become a San Diego mainstay. 


Having just returned from a culinary trip to Cuba, I was delighted to see Ropa Vieja and other Cuban influences on the menu, treated in innovative ways with unexpected flavor combinations like chimicurri and Jamaican beer cheese. Fresh fruit cocktails and lively tiki drinks round out the island-inspired drink list, perfect for sitting on the outdoor patio or bar enjoying the San Diego sunshine.

Miss B is a fictitious, provocative Cuban beauty that drew in the original residents to Mission Beach in the early 1900’s, when the area was transformed from a sandy vacationer’s tent city to a residential beach town. Miss B’s Coconut Club is a revival of Mission Beach’s colorful past, located on the corner of Santa Clara Ct. and Mission Blvd. in the heart and soul of north Mission Beach. 


Ropa Vieja Hash at Miss B's Coconut Club

Ropa Vieja Hash with house potatoes, onions, bell peppers, Jamaican beer cheese, braised beef, pimento olives, and 2 eggs topped with chimicurri. 


 Miss B’s Scramble with sofrito, bell peppers, onions, eggs, black beans, shredded jerk chicken, queso fresco, and house potatoes 

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