Don't Shop Hangry – Plus 4 Other Tips to Avoid Holiday Stress This Season

By December 13, 2016 No Comments

When it comes to holiday shopping, crowds of people and sky-high prices can test the patience of the most levelheaded shopper.  Add hunger to the mix, and you’re in for Grinch-like tendencies. Studies have shown that shopping on an empty stomach isn’t just bad for your mood; it’s also bad for your wallet – even if you’re not buying food. Located near shopping malls like Westfield Mission Valley, La Jolla Village Square and Mira Mesa Shopping Center Islands Restaurants can help shoppers quickly fuel up before or after a busy day of shopping. Here are some other tips to avoid holiday shopping stress:

  • Make a list: And check it twice! List making can reduce anxiety and improve focus. Another plus – checking something off the list is always a great feeling.
  • Bring a buddy: They say misery loves company and bringing a friend to shop is likely to boost your mood! It’s likely many of your friends have their own shopping to do anyway, so why not do it together?
  • Spring for the little things: Valet parking is well worth the cost to avoid crowded parking lots. Gift-wrapping at stores is one less thing for you to do. When you add up the little things, you get a lot of time back for yourself. 
  • Treat yourself: Don’t be afraid to grab a little something for you. It could be coffee from Starbucks, a quick massage at So Relax, or a gift for yourself!          

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