Creating the Concept of "Celebrity Chefs" – Jack Clifford of The Food Network

When Jack Clifford created The Food Network in 1993, he propelled the entire idea of a Chef to something much more special. Previously, chefs had some amount of acclaim for creating top notch food, but never the notoriety of celebrity.  Recently, we were able to hear about the development of the Food Network from Jack Clifford himself during The Food and Beverage Association of San Diego presentation “The Least Likely to Succeed: Behind the Scenes Stories and Secrets of The Food Network” on Thursday, June 30th at Mission Valley Resort. Clifford shared with us that “food had always been an essential part of my life and work.” He even put himself through college working in restaurants and fast food. “What’s the most important thing in life besides love? Food!” Clifford explained, “we celebrate important occasions with food.”   

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