Chef Recipe:  The Duck Dive’s Voodoo Tacos

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After one bite, you will be under the spell of The Duck Dive’s magical Voodoo Tacos. The coastal eatery gives the salmon tacos a kick with a special Sriracha- and Sculpin-based sauce that will surprise and impress taste buds. The unique sauce paired with the refreshing flavors of Napa cabbage and papaya salsa will leave Theresa’s Reviews readers hungry for more. Celebrate Taco Tuesday the Southern California way. Set the buns and hot dogs aside, and dive into these delicious tacos. Located steps from the ocean in the lively Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego, The Duck Dive is committed to offering an elevated drinking and dining experience. The laidback beachside eatery serves gastropub-inspired, Contemporary American cuisine. With a drinking program that features a rotating lineup of local and micro-brewed beers and an extensive specialty cocktail menu, The Duck Dive is a popular destination for unwinding near the beach!  The Duck Dive’s Voodoo TacosRecipe Courtesy of General Manager Rob McShea Makes 2 tacos Ingredients for Tacos2                              Flour Tortillas1 tbsp.                  Olive Oil1 tsp.                     Blackened Seasoning2 tbsp.                  Voodoo Sauce (recipe below)6 oz.                      Fresh Wild Salmon½ cup                    Napa Cabbage2 oz.                      Fresh Papaya Salsa Ingredients for Voodoo Sauce (will make a large batch)2 cups                   Sculpin¼ bottle               Sriracha1                             Blood Orange, juiced 1 ½                         Limes, juiced ¼ cup                    Ketchup ½ lb.                       Brown Sugar ¾ tbsp.                 Salt ½ tbsp.                 Paprika ¼ tbsp.                  Garlic ¼ tbsp.                  Cayenne 2 ½ tbsp.              Corn Starch, mixed with water to thicken  Directions for Voodoo Sauce

  1. Mix all ingredients together, minus the corn starch.
  2. Bring to a boil. Add corn starch slurry and let thicken. Remove from heat.

 Directions for The Build 

  1. Lightly oil both tortillas with olive oil. Sprinkle blackened seasoning on each side. Lay on flat top stove to lightly toast.
  2. Sear salmon on both sides on flat top stove until cooked.
  3. Add 2 tbsp. of Voodoo Sauce on top of salmon.
  4. Place salmon on tortillas. Top with Napa cabbage and papaya salsa.  (858) 273-3825 • 4650 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109 •     

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